Dispute Management

Dispute Management

DIY Projects Dispute Resolution?

Dispute is a project state whereby the project owner realises that one or more objectives of his/her project has not been fulfilled while the project expiry date is up.

To protect the employee/seller (counterparty), a pre-determined auto-release countdown is started when the project time is up while the counterparty has specified his/her delivery of the product/service. The countdown time is strictly specified by the buyer/employer of service and visible to both party at all time.

The buyer/employer of service can dispute a project at any point in time during the course of the project execution.

Funds attached to disputed projects are never auto-released to the counterparty from Gigoly escrow. It is only manually released by buyer/employer he/she is satisfied with his/her project objectives Vis-à-vis execution.

For lingering dispute, the two parties must resolve to the dispute resolution outlines drafted with the project terms.

Dispute resolution outlines is created by the buyer/employer of service during documentation of the project details. This terms is accessible to the counterparty before entering the contract and hence becomes mutually biding.

Neither the buyer/employer nor the counterparty must enter a project with a non-feasible dispute resolution or non-achievable project objectives.

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