Who is Midear Company Limited?

Midear Company Limited is a tech company duly registered in Nigeria with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) with registration number RC1538759. GIGO is legal product of Midear Company Limited.

How does gigo escrow work?

GIGO escrow is an online escrow service. We protect the Seller by verifying funds and protects the Buyer by allowing inspection of the merchandise before funds are released. The buyer cannot retract the fund and the seller cannot withdraw the fund without a fulfilled terms of contract.

Can contract terms be modified?

Changes can be made to the contract terms while it is in draft or inactive mode. Contracts are no longer editable upon acceptance by the counterparty. The counterparty is expected to read the contract terms thoroughly before acceptance. The contract will be editable again if the counterparty 'opts-out' of the contract.

What if I deliver the service and payment is not released by the buyer?

Protecting seller's interest is one of the purpose of escrow service. In such situations, payments are auto-released upon the exhastion of auto-release countdown. Auto-released countdown is specified by the terms creator largely the buyer. During this countdown, the buyer can still dispute the contract provided it does not satisfy the terms.

What if i meet up with the terms yet the buyer still created a disputed?

Protecting buyer's interest is one of the purpose of escrow service. In such situations, The dispute is resolved amicably using the mutually agreed terms of dispute resolution specified by the terms creator largely the buyer. There is no auto-release countdown for a disputed contract. We highly suggest you dont accept a terms of service you know you wount meet up with.

What happens if there is dispute?

Dispute occurs when the seller does not meet up to the terms of agreement and expects fund to be released. During dispute, the dispute resolution terms created by the buyer will be followed strictly as it has been mutually agreed on by the two parties. We assist via online to resolve dispute that is lingering. We do not resolve dispute at our physical office. Please do not visit our physical office for dispute resolution. Read our terms and condition for more details.

Is there a way to communicate with counterparty when logged-in?

Yes, parties can chat real-time with one-another without using alternative communication means. It is recommended that parties use this chat widget for reference purpose.