Self Managed (DIY) Project

DIY Projects

Be in control!

One of the primary purposes of Gigoly is to enable you manage your project from start to end with flexible financial commitment.

Not for every project you would want to physically engage us for full management. For such projects, you may decide to Do-It-Yourself (DIY).

A self-managed project enables you to go into contract directly with your employee/seller/service-renderer (counterparty) with your predefined project objectives (terms) and delivery date and brief dispute clause on what should happen provided s/he fails to meet the objectives.

If the couterparty is so sure to meet up with the terms as per the product/service, s/he can accept the project from the Gigoly dashboard end. If s/he isn't sure to meet up, s/he can ask for modification to the objectives or decline the project - saving you tons of headache afterwards.

For self-managed project, we protect the buyer and the seller from fraud, breach of agreement, quack product/service etc by allowing the employer/buyer to commit the financial cost of the project into Gigoly online Escrow account until the project objectives are satisfactory.

Escrow committed funds cannot be charged-back by the buyer/employer nor withdrawn by the counterparty until the project is conclusive!

DIY projects are better managed with Gigoly online escrow service. Notwithstanding, you can execute a contract with your counterparty without using our escrow service. For such, neither party is optimally protected.

Benefits to the Counterparty (seller/employee)?

Work with Gigoly DIY and get top-notch protection not possible with conventional contract management.

Complete Overview

You do not have to agree to project you do not understand or cannot fulfil. This allows you to fully see the intricacies of new project and opt-out/opt-in without any time wasted.


Project can never be edited anymore by the employer/buyer. This means the terms of service you agreed to can never be altered making you strictly focus on doing your best work or making your best delivery.

Auto deposit

After the project expiration time, You get a countdown to auto fund release from Gigoly escrow account provided you specified to have delivered the project. The duration of the countdown is pre-specified alongside the project creation which you earlier agreed to. Read on managing dispute.

Benefits to the Subject (buyer/employer)?

Manage project execution at your own pace. Get your objectives delivered at the right time. No Excuse, No story.

Universal objective

You do not have to worry about being defrauded or employing someone incappable. Declare your project objectives and state every details necessary. You only release fund when objectives are met. In the case of countdown timer to fund auto-release (to protect the counter party), disputing the contract will stop the timer!

Goal oriented

You are always in control. You can dispute the project at any point in time for the sole purpose of total objective adherence. In any case of dispute, your contract pre-documented dispute resolution clause will be used to resolve it! No-one will be surprised, the clauses are always transparent to all.
Who says you ain't the boss?

Win-win execution

Goodbye to uncompleted projects. Gigoly is the smartest way to get a full product/service delivery while still enjoying the mutual trust and benefit of 'payment after service'. No-one has to lose, Self-managed (DIY) project is a controlled win-win system for the buyer and the seller (or the employer and the employee)!