Be in control. Transparently specify how your work needs to be done before employing a serviceman/employee. Use our veritable tools to ensure your work objectives are 100% satisfactory before releasing funds.

From Strategy to Execution.

Our solution can be used to safely manage any product or service. Specifically optimized to prevent fraud or under-fulfilled project!

Real-time protection
Real-time protection

An innovative service that ensures your pre-determined project results are achieved effectively and at the right time by delaying your payment till all your pre-defined terms are executed.

Managed On-site Monitoring
Managed On-site Monitoring

With managed service, we deploy our top-notch well trained personnel to manage your project and ensure end result fits efficiently into your pre-defined term.

DIY Self-Monitoring
DIY Self-Monitoring

Self Monitoring (DIY) allows you to personally manage your project execution with (or without) Gigoly in-house escrow service to delay fund release till the execution is satisfactory.

Top-Notch security for your endevours.

Comprehensive on-site or off-site (DIY) supervision, inspection and commissioning services for every phase of your project,
be it software development or any real-life project.

Even more Feature Rich

You do not have to pay for unperfected service delivery. Use Gigoly to optimize and transparently manage your projects before funds are released to your service-men, workers or seller. Gigoly is a transparent win-win project manager.

Real-time management

We independently manage/monitor projects with a strict result driven objective. We are as passionate about your goals as you are.

Do-it-yourself (DIY)

Who says you have to employ our physical presence? Use our online versatile escrow service to manage your project and release payment from your Gigoly escrow account when work is 100% executed.


Either with real-life management or DIY package. You are always in control and the goal is to get your predetermined top-notch service without any quality sacrifice.

Mutual protection

Gigoly protects the employer of service and the deliverer of service and ensure commitment on both side. Our DIY escrowed package ensures either party cannot get the fund until employer/buyer is satisfied.

Endless Possibilities

Gigoly can be used to manage any project, employ any service or purchase any items online or offline. You only need to decide which package fits your endeavour!

Endless communication

Engage in real-time conversations counterparty using our in-built communication widget on your contract preview page. You are never in the dark.

Gigoly Escrow Wallet is only available for DIY projects. We do not provide escrow for employed Real-time project management/monitoring. Additionally, you can spin-up a DIY project without engaging our escrow service.

*Funds held in Gigoly escrow are Good-In-Good-Out (GIGO). They are only held in trust and are never used to perform any corporate transaction nor activity. Fund is immediately available on user-release or auto-release. Disputed contracts are not auto-released. Learn more about DIY projects.